Leonie's GCAP16 & MIGW Speaker BurpDoodle Notes

Leonie Yue
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These are @leonieyue's #GCAP16 & #MIGW Speaker Notes PDF!

Bonus secret/unseen Digital Portrait Sketches included!

I've been posting these on twitter and full page scans have been requested by Ty Carey!

Pay what you want!

And you can't afford to, do share this around! (:

I hope my hectic doodles help!

Here's my blog post on MIGW with all the videos eventually: http://blog.leonieyue.com/2016/11/migw16.html

What this High Resolution pdf includes:

A more wordy take on the notes:

Thanks to Ty for suggesting this idea :D (and for Giselle, Innes and other people expressing their interest)!

So these are my BurpDoodle notes fully properly scanned with digital portraits included too! Yes I drew the speakers even morebut you'd need to download this to see them!

Even though this is my 4th GCAP, I've technically started doing Speaker BurpDoodles last year's one as a personal project to ease myself during intense social situations and self pressure to "network"...so I didn't expect people to like these! The downside is that I usually don't really talk to the Speakers or socialise much as the BurpDoodle ninja haha

Just saying that GCAP and MIGW is where you're supposed to make genuine connections and friendships while people are physically present in the same place so...I'm doing it wrong by making these and video logs. I'm not really putting myself out there in person, as much as I'm pushing my comfort zone.

Honestly? I gave up. I'm done.

I'm lucky that I'm with Mighty now as well but still, I'm not doing what GCAP & MIGW is all about. :') Though terribly grateful I had my conference buddy Kalonica a lot of the time to run back to when I felt lonely ;__; ❤

I digress! Do hope these help! Share this if you find it useful!

If you intend to pay me as well? Thank you ;____; ❤

I want this!

Leonie's GCAP16 & MIGW Speaker BurpDoodle Notes

0 ratings
I want this!